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olaf from USA writes:
man i tell u i recently switched from pc to mac i got the powerbook g4 12 " and i am freakin loving it i am a singer and i do my demos on my m box and my mac i am still figuring it out but its freakin great m box should be 3000 $ its way to cheap for the quality i get while usin a shytty mic dammm m box rulessssssssss

posted Sunday, 02-Nov-03 at 3:47
Greg, E-mail me at

I will answer all of your questions.

posted Wednesday, 29-Oct-03 at 11:52
Greg Sanderson a part-timer user from uk writes:
as part of a proposal to get a grant from the arts council here in scotland, i am looking to build a low cost mobile studio..

i think i have decided on getting an ibook, but am not sure whether to get something like cubase/logic and a cheap pre-amp, or something like this mbox.

i only intend to record vocals, guitars, bass, and up until now have been using fruitly loops on my old pc.

could anyone help me with some kind of answer? help would be appreciated!

posted Wednesday, 29-Oct-03 at 10:37
AAron a part-timer user from USA writes:
It's great never had a problem. I've created stuff that sounds just as good or better than half of the crap those damn non musician technical dweebs who run high priced high image studios. Stop whinin learn how to use the damn thing and get over it. Learn to run your equip don't let it run you.

posted Wednesday, 22-Oct-03 at 22:4
does this mbox require ilok or something?

posted Saturday, 11-Oct-03 at 16:56
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