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FrogFoo a part-timer user writes:
I have an MBox on a PC, worked flawless from getgo, sound quality very respectable. Have made quite a few recordings in the past year, never any problem with MBox or Protools (or the other progs I use through it for that matter)

Trevor: First of all, you aren´t connecting through a USB hub or anything? Then check if antvirus progs are running, they can mess up functioning, also check how many processes are running (if you have a bunch of spyware and crap, everything runs slower, but Protools just doesn´t work), and also check if many other things are running on USB, try putting the mbox on another port, if that doesn´t work a dedicated USB card might be in order (sounds most like it´s losing contact with the device itself, built in USB chips have been known to be flaky)

Fred: The issue with needing a dedicated usb port, and not a hub is advertised in almost all places you can read about the mbox, sorry that you were disappointed, but that´s just bad research when buying a $450 piece of semi-pro equipment. Complexity level of protools IS startling, took me more than 6 months to get comfortable with any kind of advanced work, but only a few days for simple stuff. Bottom line, it´s worth learning if you want to do anything even semi-serious (although the interface is a bit clunky, and it uses more resources than it should) But protools LE is enough to make Pro work... The other solutions aren´t any less complex, Cubase has a pretty steep learning curve, as does any software that gives you so many options.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 22-Apr-05 at 14:3
Yo Mama from USA writes:
"Folks, if you care about your machine, dont buy this. If you are not a pro, don't buy this. It stinks."

LoL!!!! I have used the MBox for my mobile recording gig and the 002 for my home studio on over 6 different Macs ranging from Laptops to Desktops and never have had a PROblem. If your a Pro or are ambitious enough and willing to learn, get some form of ProTools. You are going to need to know it if you are ever lucky enough to get your filthy paws on a Pro studio. Haha.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 17-Apr-05 at 11:57
Fred Cummins a hobbyist user from Ireland writes:
I was talked into buying mbox in an apple store. I was ripped off. The hardware only exists to support the appaling pro tools software. Folks, maybe this is ok for pros, but for the hobbyists it is a disaster. First serious complaint: the thing *requires* you to turn off your software update feature!!! get that. What cheek. It asks you to turn off your software update. No!!!!!! Then it insists on taking a direct USB input, it won't let you use a hub. Do you think i was told any of this crap before hand? Then, I bought the thing to do some decent quality but undemanding recording. I have tried it on two machines. It failed completely on one (a nice G4 dual processer beast) and worked on my poserbook, but with a complexity level that baffles me. I just wanted to record something. Folks, if you care about your machine, dont buy this. If you are not a pro, don't buy this. It stinks.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Saturday, 16-Apr-05 at 12:10
Trevor a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I just purchased an Mbow with Pro Tools Factory 6.4. I am running Xp, with a 3.2 ghz processor w/ 800mhz fsb, 1 Gig of DDR ram,and a 160 gig hard drive. When I record or try to playback tracks that i have laid down, It will make a cliping sound, and a dialog box will appear. It tells me that the operating system lost communication for too long and to try to increase the buffer setting. I have it all the way up and it still does it. I was only recording a two track riff so this problem should not be happening right? Help please.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Thursday, 31-Mar-05 at 14:15
MaC1 from uk writes:
Just got an M-box, software is running great, no problems.


The sound in when listening with the mix on input sounds fine (normal) but when the mix control is turned to playback when recording (and played back afterwards) it is distorted & digitised?

I have the inputs levals set OK (no clipping).

Is my M-box faulty?

Please help.

posted Wednesday, 23-Feb-05 at 15:36
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