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Everybody's Dark Secret a part-timer user from USA writes:
Mmmm. Version 3.0 is out, got my upgrade this week. It rocks. CPU usage much lower.

Now my dream is to get a watercooled case, the fastest athlon, and shedloads of memory. Oh the possibilities.

posted Sunday, 17-Jun-01 at 15:1
Mick a Professional user from USA writes:
Reaktor is the bomb! It aint just one silly module but MANY. And it has been the most inspiring piece of software I have ever used. It is a bit deep and complex, but once you learn how to use and tweak it the fun just never stops. If you have a wimpy computer you may write poor reviews like the other saps, but if ya got a mean machine then you'll be quite pleased with the performance of this software monster. No other synth, sampler or plug in comes close to the diversity this Reaktor thang provides. If you pass on it - you'll just be behind the curve. And if you prefer playing with a DX-7, that's fine - you'll just never have the sound that Reaktor can give ya. Infinite possibilities. It works just fine with Cubase VST 24 on my Mac g3 450. I say go get it and be ahead of the pack!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 30-Oct-00 at 16:52
Greg a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Reaktor is a little quirky in standalone mode on my G4 400 Mhz. The latency can either be right near 0 or it can lag quite a bit. But used as a VST plug in in Logic (unfortunately I can only get 1 instance at a time in Logic) its right on.

Used as a MAS plug-in in Performer it has just as low a latency. You have to get a number of settings between Performer and Reaktor just right but it's smooth sailing after that. Arm your Reaktor MIDI track and prepare and arm your audio track and then play away.

Pure synthetic ear candy.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 20-Oct-00 at 12:3
Nicko7 a Professional user from England writes:
How can anyone say Reaktor sucks? Maybe your computers cant handle it all right I agree on the odd patch the latency matbe a little slow but on the whole this thing is the business the dogs bollocks so to speak and as wendall Dogman said wow you can build everything and then some. It is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it yeah open it up and just play away with whats there or tweak and add and tweak and add and so on ok Im off to tweak and play bye. Hey why is there no 11 in the score box?

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 19-Oct-00 at 20:25
Bee1 from France writes:
It might be the future of synthesis, but for today I will certainly NOT replace my hardware, because : - it's too CPU-heavy - it has too much latency for me - it's unprdictable at times for some reason. On complex patch it happens that sounds morph in funny ways because you've hit a ressource-ceiling somewhere. Sometimes, unpredictability is a quality or a creative thing (Jupiter4..) here it's not very musical I think. - Even with physical knobs MIDI-mapped to it, you can hardly get that freedom to perform "live" because of : latency, occasional stepping, slowness of MIDI itself, hassle of mappings, etc.. - The OS itself (windows), especially when loaded with that kind of programs, is still hundred times less stable than hardware counterpart. Huge issue to me. Rebooting a PC is a powerful inspirating-dissolver, and loosing some unsaved work a skilled mood destroyer. - For me the physical interface of a real synth, especially analogs, is way more appealing for live tweaking that (at best) a MIDI controller. Just a matter of taste and feel but..

Now don't think I'm bashing Reaktor : I think that it's indeed a fantastic program. The ratio sound quality & flexibility /price is simply unreal. But I'm just saying that if I have the choice in my studio, I clearly go for the non-virtual alternative. Because in a track one usually hear, even (especially ?) in electronic music, if there is a feel or not in the synth you play. And I've got a hard time getting a real "good play feeling" with it, or that inspiration you get from playing a really great synth (any Jupiter for instance). Otherwise, credits to NI for their great work...

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Thursday, 19-Oct-00 at 12:6
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