Sonic State Studio / Analog Mixers / MACKIE ® 32-Channel 8-Bus Expandable Mixer

Average rating: 7.4/10 out of 10

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Ezilon a part-timer user from HjVXLbqBDzx writes:
It's a conundrum, isn't it?In my epcireenxe, the prime attraction of M-Powered is for people who already have an M-Audio card lying around. If you've got a cheapo Audiophile 2496 in your machine, it means you can get Pro Tools up and running, which makes the price of the software a bit of a bargain.Where there seems to be a big overlap is with things like the ProjectMix and ProFire 2626 these are the only interfaces that I've known people buy along with M-Powered from new, as there aren't any similarly specced Digidesign interfaces at those kind of prices. If M-Audio didn't make these 8-pre interfaces with ADAT expansion, I could almost see Avid letting it slide (or at least not squashing it immediately) as it could just mean yet more people coming to the Pro Tools party.If it doesn't get squashed immediately (surely they could just kill it with a CS update, like Apple blocking Palm Pre synching in iTunes?) I wonder if anyone else will reverse-engineer Mackie's driver, or even go into partnership with them. I know Focusrite have a new interface around the corner which has some kind of room / monitor simulation on the headphone outputs (haven't tried it yet, but friends have and said it sounds great). It would be great to be able to run that with Pro Tools. Or maybe they'll make a plugin hmm

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 01-May-12 at 15:2
Duane a Professional user from USA writes:
Built like a tank and incredible, solid performance. Still one of the best. Blows the digital stuff away sonically. I use this in a hybird setup with MOTU 2408 and several other pro-level sound cards and it adds the "space" that only an analog console can. The EQ section is extensive and it takes some time to learn to get exactly what you want out of it. I have had a 32 for six years, recorded hundreds and hundreds of tracks. I just this week found a new condition 24 and it's going into a slightly smaller setup. I'll always keep these mixers, they're the best pieces of musical gear I've yet owned.

posted Saturday, 08-Jan-11 at 9:31
George Gould a Professional user from united states writes:
I already wrote about this mixer and forgot to rate the mixer it is a 10 of 10 as analog mixers go and it has stood the test of time and proved itself up against mixers costing 100,000. dilivering as good or better performance. I

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 28-Dec-10 at 16:27
George Gould a Professional user from united states writes:
The mackie 32 8 8bus console is still the best of the best as analog mixers go those who feel otherwise as absolutley not a qualified sound engineer and if there productions suffer either live or in studio it is not the mixer it is the icomipitence of the one doing the mixing. It is a well known fact that this mixer has been used and trusted by more recording artists and sound professionals than any other mixer period and actions speak loader than words.

posted Tuesday, 28-Dec-10 at 16:17
Marquis Estelle a Professional user from USA writes:
One of the best mixers, and mixer bargainst ever made. Best possible analog 8 buss for less than 100K. Anyone that is not painfully aware of this has never used one, or doesn't know how. I've used this for over 6 years almost every day and it handles anything you throw at it. It does take some time to learn how to get great mixes out of it, but the routing is endless. The mixer is squeaky clean, and the EQ is very musical, and extensive with the sweepable mids thing. If you can't get a totally professional mix out of this console, you can't get one, you'll need to hire someone. Even when I get a larger console I'll still keep this as a routing console and submixer. The mic pres were very good 5 years ago but now you really need a good tube pre to get the magical sounds you here on the radio, but they can be gotten on this mixer. Meter bridge completes the look, and is great for signal reference. It can get loose and floppy at times, and the headphone plugs can rub against it. But those are trifles compared to the total pro quality this mixer is capable of. I paid around 4 grand for mine but they've gotten down to around 1,500 in some places.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 09-Dec-10 at 17:54
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