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Eric Rinkle a Professional user from USA writes:
The vs 1880 is my baby. I have become very familiar with its navigation through many frustrating recording sessions. Hours of learning through trial and error and losing many good solid performances in the process. Luckily I stuck with it. I made this purchase when it first hit the market many ions ago and the recording value still holds true especially due it portability.

Its true that roland is holding back many of its badly needed updates for business reasons. However for my standard rock and roll music which does not require fancy editing it is a perfect fit. I would love to try the 1824 and see what all the fuss is about.

I am just trying to find a power source for the qps-525 which I also agree was a complete rip off. But sometimes you just go with it.

Thanks for you ears

posted Wednesday, 28-Jan-09 at 12:5
Andy Johnson a Professional user from Nigeria writes:
The gear is simply cool.Thanks to Roland for this magnificient piece of craftmanship. Africa you know needs a rugged and firm gears and Ive actually found one in the VS1880. KUDOS

posted Wednesday, 28-Feb-07 at 1:42
nikola a part-timer user from denmark writes:
roland VS-1680+pc+workstation synt!Help me to understand how?

posted Wednesday, 15-Jan-03 at 12:3
from usa writes:

If you want total VS 1880 support go there!

posted Tuesday, 05-Nov-02 at 8:33
Roxstar from Rock City DET writes:
I have always heard bad things about roland gear, but I couldn't pass up the $1500 price I got for it (fully loaded.. burner, and 2 fx cards.) I had it for a year befor I really used it because I was scared of ruining my tracks from my lack of knowledge. I broke the manual out (it come with 3 books.. that scared me too!) and to my surprise, it's not as hard to use as I thought. I have to admit, all I have figured out is how to sync my mpc up to it, and record the sounds, but I haven't gotten into using the effects, compressing, or burning a cd. So from a novice point of view, I give this a good rating simply because I'm actually surprised how easy it is to learn. In fact, the manual tells you what to do step by step, and even has numbers by the buttons so you can't go wrong. And as far as the compression goes, I don't notice anything.. it sounds the exact same way as it does from my mpc/mixer. Now I just have to learn how to tweak my tracks to make em phatter!

..Roxstar. ..

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 03-Nov-02 at 16:19
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