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Raoul deTastless a Professional user from Canada writes:
JOhhny C: Agreed, the mix B is a useful function, and the price used is often nice. Still, I can't get around that EQ, it really hurts the ears.

I admit you're getting a lot for the $$$, but I'd rather have 8 great channels than 32 mediocre ones. If you can live w/o dealing with the EQs, it'll work fine, I suppose.

Some of the Allen & heaths go for the same price, and IMO, they sound better.

Best wishes, Raoul.

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 22-Sep-04 at 15:37
JohnNyC writes:
"I don't mean to suggest everyone can mix on a neve all the time. Still, the 32-8 is a terrible console, even for the price. Ask anyone who *WORKS* in the industry."

I WORK in the industry full time and still believe that for the price, it is a good buy. And no, I didn't just buy one. I respect your opinion and all but please, name a board for the same *used* price tag that has the same features. Mix B is a huge plus man.

posted Monday, 20-Sep-04 at 18:18
Raoul de Tasteless a Professional user from Canada writes:
Well symbiotek, believe what you wish about me, you're wrong. I was employed for 3 years as head engineer in a studio that had 2 different Neve consoles. I've also done some work w/SSL, but admittedly not as much as w/Neves. (Perhaps 20 or so SSL sessions tops.) There, now you know.

For one studio in particular, I did some reworking on a Neve broadcast board from the early 1970s. I even had to sign neve's waiver forms that they make you do before you get the schematics. (they're a little picky about that - or at least were back then.)

I don't mean to suggest everyone can mix on a neve all the time. Still, the 32-8 is a terrible console, even for the price. Ask anyone who *WORKS* in the industry.

It is (as I said before) an overgrown 1604. Clicking mutes, crosstalk, and a truly AWFUL eq. and yes, no damn phase flips. It stinks. THere are cheap Allen & Heath, soundcraft and Yamaha boards at the same price that stomp all over the mackie. Why not get one of the smaller Yamaha digitals instead? They sound much better.

I realize you just bought one & must like it, but in my professional opinion after over 15 years in pro audio, I can't stand it. Sorry if that offends you. I also question the wisdom of you buying a console without hearing it.

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 15-Sep-04 at 21:36
JohnNyC a Professional user from USA writes:
No console will give you a #1 hit. LOL Hmm.. 1 grand for a 32 8 or 100 grand for a Neve or SSL. You can't even compare it man. For the money, this board does the job it is made to do well. I have done some extensive work on it along with the d8b, an SSL 4000G+ and a Neve V3. The Neve is my favorite =) for recording. The SSL is my favorite for mixing. I hate the D8B. And the 32.8 performed very well for the cheap price tag you can pick them up used.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 14-Sep-04 at 16:28
symbiotek a part-timer user from Australia writes:
Just bought one of these (at a nice low price) and yet to hear it though i might sell it off again

will post a full review when i`ve given it the going over

@Raoul deTasteless I doubt you`ve ever used one of these boards Neve, SSL at what cost. The Mackie 8•Bus Series is designed to be a project studio console and from what i`ve gathered from other real users it does that job in a breaze

where as the cost of a neave or ssl better give you a #1 hit to pay it off

posted Tuesday, 14-Sep-04 at 0:8
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