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Jeff Sepeta a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I've owned sounddiver since 2001 or so and it's as flaky as Unisyn 1.5x and Galaxy Plus Editors but it's my favorite tool for editing and organizaing patches. I've owned over 60 synths and SoundDiver has supported most of them. Now that I'm slimming down my studio to mostly newer gear (roland fantom & v-synth, korg karma) there's less support for sounddiver but i still religiously install it every time i rebuild my DAW. freezes when transferring sounds for my K2500xs which stinks but worked nearly flawlessly with my sy77 until a crash last night. shame on apple for dumping support for this, once the mercedes benz of ed/libs. as it's only one guy who wrote and supported it, it's no wonder there are some bugs. it was truly a labor of love. however it has some features not present on midiquest, and is missing their "destroy your hard drive after insall" bug, which has f$*%ed up my DAW too many times for me to not forget OR forgive.

posted Monday, 10-Mar-08 at 15:21
Honey from USA writes:

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 05-Jul-05 at 4:2
Massive a Professional user from usa writes:
Well, I have twenty four synths and fifteen of them are supported by SoundDiver. Only one of the fifteen synths will not work with this program and that is my Karma. I will agree that this program could be better. If you read the manual you will learn how to make your own modules for it. Not all things in life are done for you. Sometimes you have to put some work into your art so you can learn what it means to be an artist. Make the tools that you have work for you. Find out where your going wrong (money money money) and repair the problem. Their are a lot of people that lack the tools to create any thing at all. You should be greatfull for what you have. I rember the day when only the rich could have synths and computers.

posted Monday, 01-Sep-03 at 10:56
Shag writes:
This is the worst motherfucking shit i ever lost time with ! In 5 hours of editing, trying to set up my studio, it crashed about 10 times. Couldnt even quit the process in the task-manager and had to reset the whole machine every time. Lost hours and hours with this crap, and in the end, it lost all settings of all my synths, no matter that i saved the library every 15 minutes. Yes, the idea is good, but the modules are outdated, expansions are not included, some synths have no editor at all or they are badly programmed. No modules for new synths of course. Crashing while receiving data, lots of bugs. no support.

Why do they sell this shit when they are not able to update and support it as they should ? Main thing they get the money i guess.

A last word to all the companies out there: Aren't u able to put some easy editors with your synths ? is it that difficult to praogramm that ? There are lots of people out there programming freeware plugins and editors, and u companies have no money to pay a programmer to make an editor for your customers ? Shame on you, you're missing some things in your "Company philisophy" !


posted Thursday, 01-May-03 at 10:0
vic a hobbyist user from Austria writes:
I agree. Great idea: One program wich allows you to completely organize and edit every midi-compatible synth or soundmodule in your studio. But the problem is that this needs a company with good support and regular updates. Emagic seems not to be that kind of company. No updates, no modules. For Example they say sounddiver supports the korg electribe series, and its really in the list, but there is no editor included, so what sense does that make ? Very dissapointing. I also dont understand, that no other company (like steinberg or sonic foundry)has realised the need for such a programm and made a better one. Emagic Sux.

posted Sunday, 22-Dec-02 at 18:51
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