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Rick a Professional user from USA writes:
The looks are cool... but crap, my ears really do hurt after about 5 hours of normal listening! Ya, I know. That's NOT what NS-10's were designed for.

THE REAL STORY(maybe) NS-10's were originally designed for extended listening, and Yamaha basically came up with a pretty crappy monitor that delivered super flat frequency response with very little depth or warmth.

LAB RESULTS Woofer cones constructed out of cardboard. Wow? Sure sounds like cardboard? Cool. Result? Frequency response as flat as a cardboard box! Ya, these are awesome.

THE MARKETING SPIN Imagine a Yamaha Marcom employee saying "Hey, lets tell people if their mixes sounds good on these babies, their mixes will sound great on anything!" Pure genius folks?!

PURE VANITY Clients sure think they look cool!

CONCLUSION If you want to A/B your mix, use your car stereo, the boom box you purchased last summer for $60, or your home stereo. The result? A great mix you'll be happy with, and an extra $350 bucks to pay your utility bill over the next 6 months.

posted Thursday, 02-May-02 at 11:49
Niall from ireland writes:
used these for years everywhere.the industry standard that .I hate them I hate them I Hate them.they hurt.

posted Wednesday, 23-Jan-02 at 6:35
Patricia a Professional user from Sweden writes:
No way they get into my studio. They get very expensive in the long run having to exchange those tweeters. Sounds like the kitchenradio, alright, but I´d rather mix on a pair of monitors telling me what´s really on tape/harddisc.

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 30-Oct-01 at 9:48
Gorgeous Girl a Professional user from USA writes:
I think these monitors are perfect for what they do. Keep in mind that they are not to be confused with speakers for everyday listening.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 28-May-01 at 15:46
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