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DanZero a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
This is a response to Elias, on his question about popping sound with his sound card. This may be a long shot, but there's always the possibility that your power supply is either inadequate (underpowered) or your electricity is of poor quality (unstable frequency). I've seen a lot of similar problems over the years, only to find out after weeks of troubleshooting that the power supply was bad, or the electricity was poor.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 13-Nov-03 at 8:28
i have an audiophile 2496 in a P4, and i get clicks and pops if i dont disable the network drivers for the onboard net card while playing sounds/ i keep a shortcut on the desktop to enable.disable the network...annoying, but no pops...i may one day get a pci network card and see if the problem persists..

posted Tuesday, 04-Nov-03 at 9:12
you should go ask midiman owner I think they are american and or europeans owners who made all the money, but the product is made in taiwan by commission

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 03-Nov-03 at 17:51
Elias a Professional user from Sweden writes:
I have so far only had problems with my Delta Audiophile 2496. I have tried both Win2k and WinXP. I have changed the card, and the motherboard (from one with VIA Apollo to a K7 NCR18 Leadtek Nvidia card). The card still pops and clicks (always in playback, as well in media player as in Emagic Logic and when playing CDs etc). Of course I've tried to change the PCI-port of the card numerous times and formatted the computer each time. There's no IRQ-conflict. I've tried all available drivers and I have tried to run the computer in both APCI and Standard-PC mode. I've tried to disable the USB too... I've optimized the computer from tips sent to me from the M-audio support... Does anyone know what to do to solve this problem??? I now have the K7NCR18 nForce2 card and I will try to install Windows 2003 Server and remove my network-card. One other thing I've tried is to change the graphics-card... This didn't work either... I hope someone can help me, I'm running out of time here because I will enter the studio in a couple of months and then everything have to work flawless! If the worst happens I will have to buy a complete new soundcard... Thanks in advance, Elias

posted Monday, 03-Nov-03 at 14:28
name from taiwan writes:
best product serving world wide, thank you

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 03-Oct-03 at 19:14
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