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Average rating: 8.3/10 out of 10

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Steve a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
I'm new at computer music software. I'd like to be able to record vocals, real guitars and bass plus synth drums and keyboards. Is Reason good for me? I want excellent sounding recordings. Thanks

posted Monday, 04-Nov-02 at 13:49
DJ Jay-Ski a Professional user from USA writes:
I was VERRRRY skeptical about computer based track making, until I tried Reason...I have an SP 1200, ASR-10, and Boss SP 505, and this program does everything and more than my favorite workstations. And the ability to load an endless number of WAV/AIFF samples into the built in Drum machines and Rack samplers is just sick. Too many features to name, but just GET THIS AND TRY IT. Stop taking eeeons to make the hottness squinting at small screens and flipping thru submenus. The technology is here for us to use!And I still have Reason MIDI'd up to all my vintage samplers, and perfectly synced up to Logic Platinum 5 (God Bless them for inventing ReWire, too). I have left SMPTE behind at last. I only have 1.0, so imagine how I'd rave about version 2. Just get it!!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 19-Aug-02 at 15:9
but its not really camparable to Logic or Cubase is it? It's more of a beefed up, steroid dosed and much expanded Rebirth with lots more variety. You'd record the results of this into Cubase or Logic, and polish it all up there.

I'd more be comparing this to Orion and Storm and other such all in one programs ( If there are others)

I'm personally vwery impressed with the interface, sequencers, variety of modules and ability to get it all going in one package (very impressed). I'm not so impressed with the onboard sounds, and the kind of dull quality of some of the sounds. But really when it come to that, there's nothing that couldn't be made near perfect with some multitracking (into logic, sonar, cubase, magix, or any other HD recorder with good parametric EQ's and effects) and some eqalisation and addition of some extra plugins.

Also, being able to load your own sounds into the samplers and drum machins is a blessing, and i'm really glad they added this ability to the Drum machine.

posted Saturday, 10-Aug-02 at 7:27
b a Professional user from italy writes:
reasons cool for live fukin' round. for that aspect i thoroughly enjoy it . however, for anything serious i would absolutely refer to something like Logic (or Cubase).

posted Thursday, 08-Aug-02 at 11:34
nathan a Professional user from Cali writes:
Well time for my second review of this software. It deserves it.

First of all, there really is no competition, not because its 100% god-sent, but because if you like fruity loops, or orion, that your preference. But as far as user support, customer support and quality Reason far outweighs both orion and fruityloops.

One god thing about the P.heads, they always move forward in updating and trying to meet the needs of the users, if its something that alot of users want (ie. midi out) hopefuly they will do it. They did already by giving us a new sampler, synth, detachable sequencer, and are now woorking on akai sample support.

So as far as sounds go, there is no end, as long as you go the space on your computer, load it up, use all you want. And there are many people making refills of synths people love, waldorf, novation, access, etc.

The new maelstrom synth, rules, i have a waldorf microwave 1, and a waldorf q, and this new synth is a wavetable granular synth. It can be warm, mellow, and super aggressive. This is the synth that will help you do experimental, ambient, industrial, idm. Whatever. The new sampler, is amazing, its kinda akai like, dual zones, each sample can have its own settings, unlike the nn-19 sampler could, and now you can throw samples backwards, really cool for some trip-hop atmospheres. 16 outs for effects, and soundfonts, which you can find plentiful on the net.

Also the redrum, and nn-xt can load recycle files, the nn-xt will split them accross the keyboard, but the redrum will go into the recycle file and let you snag individual hits.

With the ability to get all the sounds you want from refills, soundfonts, the net, other users, sample cd's, and soon akai support. a very intuitive interface, flip the rack over, mmm cords. and also a new synth that is unlike anything hardware, reason is really becoming a tool that makes me think maybe ive spent too much into hardware.

And if reason isnt enough for you, rewire up cubase sx, and add the ppg and pro53 plugin. And some absynth. Now can you ask for anything more is a computer setup?

yep, and im sure the P.heads will be working on it. Like rebirth 3 soon.


Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 07-Aug-02 at 21:59
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