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Average rating: 8.3/10 out of 10

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Steven a Professional user writes:
what kinda crack are you smoking..This pice of software has made me change my whole philosophy of writing...I just sold all the damn hardware in my studio except my monitors and an amp so I can buy this...I have decided to go all software unning reason and sonar via rewire on one computr....The sounds and synthesis are absolutly amazing! and with the ability to rewire and a good acid loop library and awesome plug-in I can now do a whle lot more and have it sound alot better wither greater ease than when I did with just hardware.(granted I still hav my nord modular and other synths at my other bands studio mainly for live use) butI can now say that my whole studio is within a single computer =) .

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 06-Dec-02 at 12:25
Victor a Professional user from Romania writes:
Why they still waste this good interface, such nice sample CD's, such excellent all in one piece of software on bad sound quality and really bad mixing, even at 24/96. I still can't imagine they don't know how to do that, after all they have done. I know that eats less CPU but it's a shame because there are people that use Reason not only for fun... Software beats hardware! Ha! I was looking for a good complement to my MicroQ. My software search stops here. I have better things to do.

posted Friday, 06-Dec-02 at 10:48
simon a Professional user from fort lauderdale, fl writes:
I am amazed at this, it's got hundreds of knobs to mess with. I don't know, a phatboy would work cool with this. I tried the demo, anybody knows where I can get the full version for cheap, e-mail me. There are thousands of refils on the internet, it's just amazing. A true 20/10, who else would have thought about such a studio. Those swedish are the shit for making this kick ass software. And Rebirth, Recycle, the list goes on and on. Great program to mess with.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 13-Nov-02 at 1:25
Sandro a Professional user from Colombia writes:
Hi, can somebody compare Reason with hardware keyboards like Motif or Karma. Is it real the TEAC award they won over their hardware brothers???

posted Tuesday, 12-Nov-02 at 20:35
Paul Foxx from London,U.K writes:
i teach music production using cubase and reason and so far every student (no matter what style of music) loves reason for the sounds and ease of use ,esp when rewired through SX. The trick to making the best of it is getting as many refils as you can then there is no limits

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 07-Nov-02 at 7:47
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