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Average rating: 7.4/10 out of 10

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Vinny Falcone a Professional user from Canada writes:
After reading some of the comments here remember me of Ian Terry who teaches me :"learn your speakers!" I made terrible mixes with top-of-the-line Genelec speakers, and great mixes with my old home speakers. I really wonder if the people who rated the 824's under 5 tested them before they bought them.

When I bought them, I tested every music style possible(from my own library of course), and I compared them to a couple of other speakers they had in the same price range. From my opiniom, the 824's are a great compromise.

However, like any new speakers, it took a while to get used to them, (the low end is present, but very confortable, or colored if you want. This is why my first mixes sounded boomy). I still used them a lot along with my ns-10's, and they serve me well.

posted Sunday, 12-Feb-06 at 4:46
DLS from Michigan a Professional user from USA writes:
The 824's are very impressive sounding near fields and are quite affordable. I have been mixing on them for about a year now and they do take getting used to as reference monitors. I have listened to them with some of my favorite "sounding" music as a starting point to my mixes, and I have noticed that the mid-range frequncies need to be significantly boosted to reflect a more realistic flat response. Overall, I do like them a lot.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 03-Dec-03 at 13:18
ehab a Professional user from egypt writes:
want new keyboards

posted Wednesday, 26-Nov-03 at 19:0
roman a Professional user from USA writes:
I purchased mine years ago when they first came out. You can describe these as brut force but accurate? Far from it. I don't care what the frequency response graph that's shipped with these monitors shows, just do your own measurement if you want to be convinced. But, few mixes will tell the story. Absolutely no imaging or depth of sound field. It takes several several several mixes to even get close. You will have to have second monitors so you can A/B the mixes. I use the REALISTIC MINIMUS-77 to offset these and then switch to floor standing for final mix. Even the power rating is misleading. And there are no internal protection circuits so you better turn them of on rainy thundering days you you'll be spending over 100 for a 20-dollar tweeter.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 18-Nov-03 at 12:6
mario roberto moura nunes from brazil writes:
gostaria de saber como comprar e como é que fica o frete

posted Saturday, 08-Feb-03 at 5:15
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