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Average rating: 7.4/10 out of 10

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David S a Professional user from US writes:
Maybe fanaticmusic was having a bad hair day, a colonoscopy, or more likely didn't have the speakers placed properly when he wrote this review, because by virtually all accounts these monitors are quite flat. the most common complaint i've heard is that they sound "boxy," but this often seems to be the result of poor placement. I would tend to agree that the 824s are probably not the best choice for classical music, and for these people I would probably recommend Genelec 1030s (which cost quite a bit more). but as the original reviewer said, they are definitely one of the best price/performance ratio monitors available, especially if you can get them for $1100.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 24-Apr-01 at 14:42
FanaticMusic a Professional user from US writes:
Definately a speaker for "lushies", that need to impress someone with their sound. This monitor isnt flat at all, and it was built with shitty noisy modern music in mind. Try to mix any classical or harder rock song on that 2 holes. Its kind of impossible. They look quite ok. They sound impressive. (boom boom) But you cant really use them for mixing and mastering. Even the THX certificate doesnt help...

Btw...if you really need accurate flat monitors for serious work...Try out the K&H O300D...

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 17-Apr-01 at 5:9
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