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Ron a Professional user from USA writes:
I have a question and a comment. I have the Mackie HR 824 HD self powered monitors. I have noticed a missing freq. in the bottom end, I have since added the 'auralex' foam inserts for the monitors to rest on, and it seems to have helped. I also have a 14 band e.q spectrum analyzer that helps tweak my play back mixes, as my room is a converted bedroom, basically a rectangle box with studio foam from and back. I love the monitors tho. and A?B my mixes with the small BOSE computer speakers ($100.00)

posted Monday, 12-Sep-11 at 20:5
johnlewisgrant a part-timer user from canada writes:
Originally I bought the 824s as sound monitors. I had been using non-monitor but very clean KEF 104s, which are not powered and are much much bigger. The Kefs use bass radiators, like the Mackies, to reproduce the really low end. I also have a pair of ProAc Response 1SC speakers, which are generally considered one of the best mini-monitors ever made, and are ridiculously expensive. To make a long story short, the Mackies blow the other speakers away, both for classical--which is my thing--and for jazz. The bass I find absolutely clean, and the midrange totally and completely accurate. The ProAcs, which are world-famous for reproducing voice, simply aren't as good, and are more than twice the price and require expensive amplification.

I consider these speakers a well-kept secret. Exceptionally inexpensive and, having now listened to them for 5 years, capable of stunning reproduction of sound.

Now that may not be what you always want in a monitor, but the speaker has served me well in mixing solo piano material, which has been my primary use for them.

Definitely a benchmark monitor/loudspeaker!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 18-Jan-10 at 20:28
rwsandman a part-timer user from USA writes:
I found the sound to be a bit bland (probably due to the flat frequency response). I had to add some boost at 12khz and supplement them with a subwoofer. And this speaker will definitely let you hear the difference between a pro-quality signal source and consumer audio gear (why the RCA input jack???) Kind of like a 1960's muscle car. It requires a lot of tweaking but will deliver awesome performance if you do.

posted Tuesday, 04-Aug-09 at 8:53
Carl Ashwin a Professional user from United Kingdom writes:
I first experienced these speakers (the MK1 version) at a friends house. My initial impression was that they were too heavy on the Bass end. Over time however I have warmed to them very much. We now have 3 pairs of the MK2's at my place of work. I find the separation on these to be quite stunning even at close quarters. The very final trails of a huge Reverb come sparkling through in a mix and the Bass is pretty gut thumping. To me, these are like listening to a very big, very expensive and very well controlled concert rig in a small room. They are to my ears literally stunning. Monitors are of course to each and every taste, some will like them, some won't but these are a grower. I first wrote them off as being unusable due to the massive bass impact but then I guess like any speakers, you learn their sound. Somebody mentioned Genelec's and I have to say I've used them and they didn't cook for me. These babies are, for the money a seriously decent pair of Monitors. I'm scoring them a 7.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Monday, 19-Jan-09 at 14:14
robby a Professional user from Canada writes:
Ive noticed the comments on this review site and from reviews of others..such as this speakers are not flat etc...This speaker ain't no ordinary monitor..You may notice imperfection in mixes cause you have to look at room acoustics..People automatically think these will sound amazing and when they put them to the test they don't sound flat ...A lot of people buy expensive speakers thinking ohh this will do the trick..No .You will have to look into room acoustics etc...The monitors need some care to get the perfect performance and sound in your room..I have bought them and had to go through it...And with some work to the room some time and money these speakers sound Phenominal...Amazing low end great flat sound....Think first before you buy them...If you have money to buy these speakers and another 800 bucks for room acoustics i say buy them...You will not be disappointed

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 16-Jul-08 at 12:25
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