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Tommy D a part-timer user from USA writes:
I use my FD8 in this way , I'll record with my band using a 16 channel anolog mixer lay in the drums from a sub mix so you can use as many mics as you want depending on the size of the sub mixer. I've used as many as 11 mics on the drum kit and plug that sub mix into 1 channel in my 16 channel mixer I go to my direct out from that channel to 1 channel in the fostex pan right for the drums and lay in the bass track direct out from my mixer into the fostex pan right with it. (i.e. 2 tracks at one time. I also use a headphone amp to hear the rest of the group live at the same time in the other side of the headphones so we can get the timming right and the phrasing correct. Go back and lay in the other tracks 1 at a time so you don't have to have everyone there at the same time. There is also a work around to increase the hard drive size to put a 40G drive in your Fostex so the need for SCSI is not really needed. You'll need a piece of hardware you can get from sweetwater that is in-expensive call EMU-1212M it's about $149 - $169 this is a mother and daughter board set that you put in your computer box and that will allow you to export all your tracks ADAT to you computer 8 at a time in sync. The EMU 1212M is great it allows you have a mix station in you system add a bunch of plugin VST's like 600 of them that come with EMU without taxing your system resoures. Bring it in through the EMU mixer with what ever you want to add to it set up calkwalk. You have to asign your tracks and set each track in calkwalk alternating left or right the same as they are on your Fostex,arm each track hit record in calkwalk and play on the Fostex and that it ( make sure your fostex is set to ADAT out ....finish up your mix in calkwalk..... Hope that helps you out.... I know how you feel I did the same thing your track will come out great trust me on this and you can use your Fostex Live also to record shows the you do but only in 2 tracks a great tool for tighting up your groups sound and show your members where they need to improve.

posted Tuesday, 11-Jan-11 at 11:21
mark alaniz a hobbyist user from us writes:
I've had an fd 8 for some time now and still have a hard time recording anything on it. Is there anybody aout there? I have a zip drive conected to it with the terminator. I follow the directions to format but can't just get to recording.

posted Wednesday, 25-Feb-09 at 16:44
My cousin had one, it was crystal clear and made some real good records, but my cousin is a work a holic and eventually the hard drive crashed on him.

posted Friday, 15-Dec-06 at 17:22
MikeHalloran from USA writes:
The FD-8 can record 8 tracks simultaneously but not without an audio-ADAT converter.

A MOTU 2408 (any version) and a number of digital mixers haver this capability. The new 8pre will let you add 8 mic/line inputs with phantom power. Another advantage is that you can use that same interface to dump the audio back into your computer.

I wouldn't recommend buying an FD-8 nowdays but, if you have one lying around, gatherinfg dust, it is possible to put it back to good use.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Monday, 13-Nov-06 at 18:49
kevin a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I have the FD-4 -- I want to get the FD-8. Mine has the same functions, but plays back 4 tracks. First I must say the mixer is really pretty good - especially for a fostex. It's got three band eq on all of the playback channels with a Parametric Midrange that really can focus into a 'sweet spot'. It only records two tracks at time though. It also doesn't have a direct to track so you have to use the standard stereo BUS.

I don't know if you would be happy with it using a cheap drive. For an internal mine requires a EIDE laptop drive. It also needs a 50 pin plug to be SOLDERED in along with a power wire. It uses a STANDARD laptop drive and cable.

I replaced my skipping 230Mb drive with a JAZ 1G and it works better but I really want more. I get 200 track-minutes from the 1060Mb JAZ. I think the maximum drive size is about 9G because it says it has a 24 hour maximum recording time per disk. You really must use MASTERING MODE for good true digital quality.

There is no way to directly import the data from the disk to a PC. There are standard RCA jacks and Optical Digital Output as well as midi jacks for syncronization at mastering time if you really get that into it.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 09-Mar-06 at 18:6
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