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ooooooooooops,i should say UNRELIABLE,more reasonable at my pov.and for anyone who doesn't know about what y56k,its a optional dsp board for aw made by waves,germany.good for mastering efx.but users verified it just couldn't used w/ my8at(adat board) or apogee i/o option at once.due to the limited power supply of aw itself,can't support 2 heavy power consumptions...

posted Saturday, 29-Sep-01 at 6:47
beta-tester writes:
this aw4416 is the second one i bought.the previous one got buggy o.s.(even its v1.3) and unrecoverable hardware problems.this one is okay on hardware,but the o.s. still sucks,its v2.0,but just a copied version of the new ,cheaper aw2816.the y56k from waves is better but its $1100 price tag scared me.the main problem on my existing aw4416 is:it skip my sound source automatically,i'm sure i didn't play the songs in the hd,so its wouldn't be the hd running problems.i guessed its a audio path problems,so it maybe a software errors or not.who can tell?and it can never restore files from ext. scsi devices.the solo function sometimes couldn't execute and the aw crashed when i checked the current o.s. when powering up(i.e. press utility while power on).if u wanna buy aw,ask anyone,anywhere about the bugs and fixing process as many as possible b4 u buy.i'm serious. sound quality won the 5 marks of rate on this reliable hdr.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Saturday, 29-Sep-01 at 6:42
sjmojo a Professional user writes:
just installed the new o.s. ver1.3,it's quite okay, tho i found waveform editing still needs a lot of works.the sound quality of this integrated machine is excellent.the buttons are all well built and easy to press.its only slave to midi clock and master only at mtc.but its okay if u link it to the midi gears properly in both dirction(ie.mtc out to midi in of midi gear/midi out of other midi gear to 4416 midi in/select master at mtc/select slave at mmc at midi menu page.tho maybe a little bit confused from the start but its easy to figure it out after take a short read on the manual.the eq/dynamic processor/delay/effects are same as its early bros(01v,03d),but it's got 8x 24bits inputs u know.faders and functions automation are the great things on yamaha digital miers family.but i have to point out one thing,basically,i agree yamaha stuffs are normally well-built,but in may case,my 4416's ch 1 die very quickly,this case appeared in my friend's 01v ch year b4,and i ever owned a 03d too,but the cursors and some buttons were dead 3 months after i bought and used not so frequently.(well,this 4416's buttons are better than 03d actually).its not a big problem on only one dead ch 'coz i already expanded it to 24ch analog inputs,but,it's still not a happy deal 'coz i just bought it 4 months ago.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 12-Jun-01 at 13:25
luciano a Professional user from usa writes:
i think it is a great piece. once the software is fully upgraded to implement proper waveform editing there will be no stopping waves is making an *in *out adat card that has all of their famous plug-ins on it. i use mine to travel with. iam a professional hip hop producer. i use 2 dsp factory cards,2 axx44's and one ax-16 adat card i get 32 tracks out of that on a pc with 512k of ram on a p-3 500mhz with all ultra wide scsi drives(no ide)..i got the aw4416 linked up to my dsp cards so i can transfer back and forth and do all my wave editing in minnetonka audio's mx trax..i also use sound forge to edit and cd architect to master...the aw4416 is an awesome unit and with further upgrades will be unstoppable..i tried roland..and korg and no one has the professional quality like yamaha..they are a top notch company with good customer support and they send me an update before it is even advertised..peace...anyone looking for hot sounds needs to hit me up...

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 14-Feb-01 at 14:30
Kurt a Professional user from USA writes:
I like it but when you get your HD to 60% capacity the sound cuts out . I dont know what the deal is but it is really annoying.

ugggh,'s still alright but they need to fix this glitch!

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 13-Feb-01 at 12:12
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