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Pier a Professional user writes:
Be sure to chek the WUP policy before buying any waves plugins.

you are only buying the right to use your plguins during one year!!

After that you must pay a fee every year if you want to reinstall them, or have tech support, or want any updates!!!

I love those plugins but I hate waves. There are better options out there, dont waste your money on waves plugins.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 28-Mar-06 at 14:32
Pete K a Professional user from UK writes:
Yep, they mostly sound good, but have a care and do a search on their WUP policy. (ongoing charges, a large fee to re-sell and hair-pulling in the event of a system hardware changes). Don't be a Brand-Idiot; COMPARE them to other products first. Personaly, I have ceased to use these plugs in favour of others, and gone back to hardware in some instances... I forgot how much huger analog gear can sound, and - no forced upgrade path.

Rating: 4 out of 10 posted Thursday, 16-Feb-06 at 16:39
Alex Daniels a Professional user from USA writes:
well it's almost 3 years later and someone recently emailed me asking: "Do you continue to be satisfied with Waves Plug-ins?"

This was my answer:

Well, the plugin market is a different place from when I wrote that review, and there are a lot more competing products.

I have to say I use my waves plugins much less than I used to. They're still good, but one-by-one I've found they've been bettered by other plugins.

After demoing a friend's powercore, I'm convinced that's the direction that's right for me to move in.

The reverb (classic verb) is the best you can get on any plugin by a long way, and IMO beats the 480L - (I did a side-by-side shootout.) That alone makes it worth the cost for me, however for an extra $500 you can also get the Sony Oxford EQ - which is also the undisputed best digital EQ out there. Oxford Dynamics is coming out in a month or two. Powercore owners can download a 15 day fully functional demo of all sony plugins, so you can really try before you buy. It's dangerous for your wallet though: once you hear them, you won't think twice about finding a justification for buying it when the demo time is over!

Reading a lot of comments from powercore owners, the UAD-1 compliments the powercore nicely - it's strengths are in emulating vintage eq and compressors, where as the PoCo is strongest with reverb, delay, X3 and sony plugins. In all, you could get a powercore and uad-1 for the same price as waves platinum. I'd say that would give you a much better return on your investment in terms of quality processing options, and it wouldn't even drain any cpu resources!

So while the waves bundle is still competent, but the bar is a lot higher than it used to be and there are so many better options out there now for $1500 than there were a three years ago.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 15-Jul-03 at 2:6
dxl a hobbyist user writes:
totally professional quality, the best software effect ever but every single plug uses too much CPU. a P4 1.4 can't stand long.....

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 01-Apr-02 at 0:54
amine a Professional user from MOROCCO writes:

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 19-Mar-02 at 5:1
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