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Average rating: 8.7/10 out of 10

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CoolColJ a Professional user from Australia writes:
The sound quality is as good as your sound card :)

For general instruments your better off with an EMU sampler, but for drums this thing is the one! Sample accurate timing with no midi delays!!! If you have 16 notes of drums happening on any single moment, midi can only play one at a time, so the drums get smeared, not so with EXS, all drum notes get fired off all at the same time! You wiull not get any phasing whatsoever! This thing will add a new dimension of rock sold timing to your foundation of you tracks! If you do dance music, with Stomper and Drumsyn to create your drum sounds, and EXS to play them, you'll have the tightest grooves out there ^_^

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 31-Dec-00 at 16:21
M a Professional user from USA writes:
This thing rocks! I'm not going to give up my A-4000 yet, but I'm impressed with this samplers ease of use and integration with Logic. I converted several Akai CDs worth of sounds, and now they're just sitting on my HD waiting for me to be creative. Great for starting a track without having to fire up the rig. This thing in a powerbook with a USB/MIDI controller would be the ultimate weekend cabin/beach vacation writing rig ever. More format support would be cool, but at least they got the AKAI thing right. Also, not using standard controller numbers for cutoff, etc. is just plain stupid.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 07-Sep-00 at 13:24
Synerg-x a Professional user from Germany writes:
This piece of softsampler is the first really usable one. First it has a really tight timing which makes it really!! usable for realtime playin and secondly it is perfectly integrated in Logic. The group editor is also very easy to use, but could be a bit automised like opening 10 samples at once which are automatically laid on 10 keygroups or sth. (like Edison from the EWS) and there could be some more Filters (HP,BP...) but maybe that would be too much expected of a first Version softsampler. SF2 support would be great for INET-Junkies and EMU Support for Professionals

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 29-Aug-00 at 5:10
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