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Rick from nz writes:
Ive had many 8track recorders and the fostex DMT 8VL beats them all for sound quality and separation, not like the crap you get these days with all the fiddley effect built in and sound compression,,,the Fostex saves ALL in Wave format, cant get much better than that, in fact I know many people have cut albums and serious hits on these things

posted Friday, 08-Jul-11 at 7:9
connor a hobbyist user from ireland writes:
A fantastic piece of kit... It's particularly handy when the Digital Out on the back is used in conjunction with a Mini Disc.. I found it to be a consistant performer, with it's only shortcoming perhaps being that only 2 mics can be used simultaneously, which makes recording drums troublesome, but overall it is the best out there in terms of being user friendly and good value.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 28-Apr-05 at 6:32
Andy a hobbyist user from there writes:
Sorry I got that wrong its £999 new

posted Friday, 18-Feb-05 at 14:50
Andy a hobbyist user from England writes:
I bought this machine off a freindly South African, and may i say this is the most wonderful recording gear i bought for the money. I had a Fostex D824, but couldnt get on with it, and wanted to bounce tracks easy, it was such an ordeal i got rid of it and bought this puppy. Its mixer and feel is excellent, and As i was told not so long back, although the specs and feature count on newer ones outdate it, this still has the amazing quality,solid build, and simplistic but well made accessible features, to last a lot longer than cheaper feature laden models. Its been very solid and reliable, and exactly what goes in, goes out with this, those who say its not for professionals, could eat their own words as you do it right, and this will record anything. Considering you can bounce tracks and use a submixer, you can get an awful lot of ideas onto it. It simplicity inspires you more as you dont have to think about it too much, plug in rehearse play, record. And for the money i payed i have a tank like built classy mixer and recorder thats simple, and is also solid. If its been looked after, buy with confidence, it was a £1200 new i think, and it was the best of its day for that price. Cant praise it enough

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 19-Dec-04 at 9:58
WolfgangS a hobbyist user from Germany writes:
I got one with a 2.5 GB drive for about 250 Euro via Ebay. My DMT-8vl works fine but the keys on the right side for start/stop/recording on/off etc are really crappy but still ok. I think it isn't simple to use but I learnt it after a few hours concentrated work.

All in all: It is probably the cheapest stand alone 8 track HD-recorder you can get (via Ebay). Nothing for professionals but very fine for beginners to record a demo or similar. It is also no problem to sell it later. I saw prices from 150 Euros up to about 300 Euro.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 08-Jul-04 at 10:54
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