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hhmusic from guangzhou,china writes:
help,help.toolbox's driver for XP. or,tell me,where 's downloap?thanks!

posted Wednesday, 23-Jun-04 at 6:0
Ben a hobbyist user from Seattle WA writes:
Just to update, since my toolbox pack is 17 months old, I'm not entitled to phone customer service. Therefore my only way to interact with them is through the "submit a form and wait 3 days" method which is where I was given the erroneous advice it was my mixer's fault the multiple times I've contacted them. I wish I had phoned them when I was still under warranty but I guess I was too innocent and actually believed their initial advice that it was my other equipment's fault. Also I realized that the clipping on the outputs has to be digital distortion, i.e. the AIII card's outputs. So I can only monitor through the headphone jack on my G3, like I used to do, unless I turn the internal mix down a hell of a lot and then amp it up on my mackie (haven't tried it but maybe it'll work). Yay, now I get to buy a new I/O setup and it certainly isn't going to be by Digidesign. If the digi 001 was upgradeable to multiple systems and improving sample depth and speed like the MOTU series then I'd consider it but no and no.

posted Friday, 02-Mar-01 at 19:3
Ben a hobbyist user from Seattle WA writes:
This is a decent card but I would gladly have traded the digital I/O for more analog - after all, if you're buying a cheap recording solution you probably don't need the digital I/O. I have never been able to get the analog outputs to work without distortion regardless of the mixer I used (Mackie 1402, Samson, consumer ware) which really sucks but I'm going to give tech support a call tomorrow. I actually think maybe this unit has been defective the entire time I've owned it but in every email I've sent them they always blame impedence levels and now of course it's not under warranty. Also, Pro Tools LE 4 wouldn't work on my G3/450Mhz no matter what order I configured my software after reinstalling a fresh OS. 5 does work but now I'm used to Digital Performer and Pro Tools LE 5 offers absolutely nothing over that in sequencing, recording plug-ins or additional features. Considering you can now get a MOTU 2408 for about $300 more ( - includes shipping), this package is not something I would buy again unless there was absolutely no way I could possibly come up with the difference and even then I'd look at other base line solutions. Inputs do have nice quality sound though. Although I actually hold stock in Avid, who own Digidesign, I think Digidesign is really losing ground in low to mid market audio solutions and programs (see Samplecell card as an additional example). So I suppose my overall experience with the Audiomedia III card, Pro Tools LE and digidesign's tech support has not been particularly good. Oh well.

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Thursday, 01-Mar-01 at 19:49
Sugarite a part-timer user from Canada writes:
Let's face it, Digidesign has us by the short and curlies because they've successfully managed to prevent 3rd party hardware from using ProTools, by far the best audio editor. Since they're in that position and really only care to cater to high-end users, of course the support for piddly AMIII users is going to suck. But if you're sure it will work reasonably well on your system, it gets you using ProTools at home. What more do you really expect?

I'm using it on a Mac, and it's not very versatile, but the things it can do it does very well. And keep in mind some of the incompatibility issues are Apple's fault for letting the sound manager go to crap at OS8.5, hence no reasonable way to play a CD through the AMIII d/a converter.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 29-Nov-00 at 15:45
Ben a part-timer user from USA writes:
That should be a 7.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 03-Oct-00 at 15:49
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