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HexWhy a part-timer user from Canada writes:
Yes, "organic" I really didn't expect this to sound any good. Was I ever wrong. It's fat, crisp, and has analog nuances that no other soft synths seem to have except some of the stuff from Sonic Core. A keeper!

posted Saturday, 27-Mar-10 at 18:32
Jake a Professional user from USA writes:
I have never used the original 2600 so I cannot compare. But I have tried the other arturia synths (minimoog, moog modular, and cs80v), the g-media oddity, the impOSCar, the korg legacy synths, and the pro 53. The whole Arturia TAE line is, In my opinion, superior to the rest, and of the arturias the 2600v is my favorite. The graphic modulators in the lower right corner help create some very weird and organic sounds and the oscillators sound great. I wish there were more filters, but I suppose thats not what the 2600 is about. This DXI is very playable and intuitive and flexible. It looks great and sounds great. I can't figure out if or how to assign the sliders to CC#'s via midi. That's a playability issue for me. Also, I'd like to use that graphic modulator with other programs and synths more easily and flexibly. But as an instrument, the 2600v is fantastic and, of all the classic analog emulators, the best (moog modular a close second).

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Saturday, 18-Jun-05 at 12:22
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