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Nir Sullam a hobbyist user from Israel writes:
Excellent plugin. I don't like those keyboards (namely home keyboards) that have a pattern library for your fun, so when I want drums - I try to create a good drum part and if I need a bass - I will record it with my own fingers. But guitars are something a keyboard player cannot recreate so I decided I should buy this program. I am no peo so 139 U$ is no small money ( i took the special offer: the plugin + 10 pattern libraries - GREAT deal !). This program is great - I can actually have a guitarist on my side and an added bonus is the fact I dont have to write down my chords - they are there so when I record another non-GTR track - I dont have to try and remeber what I did a minute ago ! It is a HUGE composing tool - just play with the vast variety of chords - try whichever sounds good for you and that is all !. I spent an hour or so just listening to about 5 of the 10 pattern libraries I got ! WHY did I give it 9 and not 10 ? This Cubase VST version does not have yet 2 of the Cakewalk's version features: Custom Pattern creation and live playing - I was told next version will have them and it will be free for registered users.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 09-Mar-02 at 17:50
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