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J Levy from UK writes:
I picked up a PAIR of these on ebay for 60 poundsUK (that's about US$95) in great condition. They beat the poo out of the other super-mini monitors I've heard. Let's not even talk about standard PC speakers. The detail and soundfield placement of these speakers is better than my (decent quality) stereo.

One negative: bass response drops off sharply below 150-200Hz or so. Whaddya want, though? They're midgets! A subwoofer might be a good addition.

Overall I'd say they're worth $130 a piece (triple what I paid hehehe). Great for portable monitoring or as a 2nd set. For a main set? Save up for the Event 20/20bas.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 17-Sep-03 at 3:15
KmIeLL a Professional user from usa writes:
I own a pair of yamaha ms101 II's. they rock. when i mixdown my music which can be found on mp3 dot com artist todd johnston, the swongs come out perfect on car stereos, home stereo's and computer. they are really nice. they can be mic'd on stage if you just want to carry something small. BUT!!!!!!. i foound these at a garage sale in perfect condition, not blown, for 8 dollars each. lolol i think if i was going to pay 159 ea, i would look for something bigger. BUT!!! i've had these things cranked up and they won't blow. also hard to believe only 10 watts. as long as you back the bass off these things really give a punch. i use them as computer speakers and theyre great. bye.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 31-Jul-03 at 14:33
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