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moom writes:
My litle box of secrets!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 17-Nov-02 at 6:31
synthe.labo a part-timer user from IT writes:
200 preset and 200 users!!! the quality of fxs is excellent, there are great combinations between modulations, reverbs and echos; *a lot* of fxs, also amp simulations, lo-fi, distortions, and of course every reverb/echo/delay/flange/chorus/phaser etc you want. the deepness of the flange can be destructive....

for me this little red half rack is really great, it's worth owning 2 of them. i sold other fx cause this one beated them under all aspects. the combination of fxs can generate some unique special fx that can alterate sounds till they come not recognizable from the beginning, and it's easy to program;

what i love is the little rotary dial that permits me to jump from an fx to another (hey, 400, REMEMBER!!!) during live. a pity that it has no knobs to act in real time, but most fx units has no knobs.

excellent. get one.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 13-Jun-02 at 18:43
Ted a Professional user from USA writes:
I've just gotten this, but the fact that nearly any modulation parameter is MIDI syncable (and in various ways) has convinced me it's going to be great for using live. Not so good for real time control over stuff (lacks knobs), but to sweeten patches, it's cool.

Plus, as a sound design tool, it seems pretty dope...over 60 effects algorithms, including a lo-fi/resampling algorithm, space echo, etc. I've liked the reverbs so far, not exactly sure how to use the amp simulations yet...

Yeah, not all of it is really that great, but to get some extra bang for your buck out of your old synths, I think it's pretty damn dope.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 13-Dec-01 at 14:52
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