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MISTA LINX a Professional user from USA writes:
I have two 2408s that are hooked up to two tascam dm24 digital mixers by way of TDIF. I must say that this is an extremely excellent piece of gear (2x ofcourse). The sound is super clear and I love the fact that it is the only piece of gear on the market that has 3 TDIF connections each of wich supply 8 ins and outs totaling 24 ins and outs of digital fire.....Im also using the 2408 as my master clock until I buy a dedicated unit but for now its perfect. Im still using the pci-324 but Im about to upgrade to the newest card. Then well be in business. If this unit has the connections you need then I highly recomend picking one up.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 07-Jan-05 at 11:41
Jim a Professional user from USA writes:
The MOTU 2408 works flawlessly with a Mac. To all you PC "professional users," I say: GET A MAC. It works out of the box with every professional third party audio hardware/software set-up that claims compatibility. And as all true professional power user will attest to, the worst nightmare is when third party gear is incompatable with some other third party card or driver etc. That's why most PC users give themselves headaches trying to "frankenstein" a bunch of third party crap from vendors who tout top specs but whose gear won't work when installed with anything else. Then they blame Apple for having high prices!!!! Third party support is what makes MOTU. Emagic and Digidesign winners, since they have supported the professionals' choice in music gear for the past 15 years. Every mac user I know who has a MOTU 2408 is happy with it's performance, and ecstatic about the price and features. Buy it.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 30-Nov-02 at 19:35
Jack ( a Professional user from Poland writes:
I use MOTU 2408mkII in my PC Pentium 4 , 2.4GHZ with shuttle Mob AB45 1GHZ DDR RAM and it works marvellous.I love this system.I have had before DSP Factory system and now I wonder how I could stand with yamaha for last three years ??? If you know how to set it up(simply understanding you computer) it works perfectly !!!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 20-Nov-02 at 9:15
Dee a Professional user from italy writes:
Motu 2408..... Can anybody help me? i am curently using a PC with microstar motherboard (this is the 3rd ive tried). logic 5, the pc is a pentium 4 ,1800 , 512 ddr ram , program is XP the problem is, it sees the 2408 but it makes an incredible crackling noise , does anyone have a serious suggestion,apart from throwing the pc out of the window!!

posted Thursday, 12-Sep-02 at 10:36
GottaHaveItNow a Professional user from germany writes:
I think it stinks like PCs do. but then macs are way to expensive to pay for all the crap OS software that jobs wants everyone to keep testing for Free while his custormers spend a TON on his lame machine

posted Thursday, 05-Sep-02 at 0:36
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