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In-depth Feature:  PropellerHeads Reason
Bruno writes: .

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Rebirth Input Module

REASON comes with a massive sound library consisting of over 500MB of samples - these include: 78 drum kits for Redrum; 300 loops for Dr.Rex; keys, guitars, brass, woodwind and strings for the NN19 Sample player, and 6 folders of Subtractor synth sounds all in different styles.

Add to this a 'Publish Song' feature for distributing your compositions to other REASON owners and you really have got a piece of software which is a viable alternative to hardware for any computer-based musicians.

You can add as many modules to your rack and tracks to your sequence as your computer CPU allows - I tested REASON on a 450mhz Mac G4 with 640MB of RAM and Digidesign's OO1 Soundcard, and in the course of writing I have not yet run out of power, something which occurs frequently whilst using Logic Audio and VST Instruments.

Although there is room for improvement, REASON wins due to the amount of creative potential within it. If you compare it to Logic Audio running a bank of VST instruments, it is not only massively cheaper but is also more powerful - the CPU usage indicator hasn't risen past 60 % yet and I'm trying my best to hammer it! It is exciting to see a product such as this that can do so much on its own but has the option of integrating with whatever you currently use. As I mentioned, the lack of Direct Connect Support is a disappointment, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before that changes.

For the asking price of £300 this is one of the most exciting pieces of software released in recent years, and the best thing is it's actually fun to use !

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