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In-depth Feature:  Future Retro 777
Albert Potts writes: .

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MIDI & Sequencer
The FR-777 has a number of useful midi features. It can be used as a master clock for other sequencers, or it can also slave to external sequencers. An external keyboard can control the analog synth portion of the FR-777, which responds on any of the 16 midi channels (one at a time). The FR-777 sequencer can also play external midi modules. Real time editing of FR-777 sequences is possible while controlling external sound modules or synths. The FR-777 also supports sysex dumps and loads, allowing sequencer songs and patterns to be off-loaded for storage and reloaded at a later date.

The built in sequencer of the FR-777 is essentially identical to Future-Retro's Mobius hardware sequencer. For an in depth look at the Mobius, please look for my Mobius review, also on Sonic State (Coming soon –ED). For now, here is a brief overview of the FR-777 sequencer.

As can be expected, there are two modes to the sequencer: pattern and song. The sequencer offers 256 patterns, with up to 3580 steps per song. Tempo range is from 20-250 BPM, with possible transposition from -36 to +36 half steps. Up to 16 songs can be stored in the unit at one time. Patterns contain note duration, pitch, accent, glide, loop point and time signature information. There are 12 steps per patterns in 3/4 time and 16 steps per pattern in 4/4 time. Patterns can be copy/pasted, edited in real time, and the sequencer automatically saves all changes.

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    Vidar Johansen    Said...

    OK. AWESOME! Kind of limited in one way, but if you learn to use it right it´s one of the most exciting monosynths you can come across. There are wild smoothness in the filter/modulation section and it has a few functions which I have never seen in any other analogue synth, maybe best comparable to mks-80/jupiter´s X-MOD. Its solid stuff, and you get even more surprised when you discover the "hidden" soundshaping possibilities it has. I can tell ya, I had a bass-loop going and suddenly i found the spots and got THAT INSANELY FAT groove and by twisting the cutoff knob up and down in sync with the loop, the coolest bassdrum (accent) came out of it. Lovely!

    16-Feb-08 10:28 PM

    ali    Said...

    i need lvl up 50

    03-Aug-08 02:04 PM

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