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In-depth Feature:  Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
Nick B writes: .

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Initially I was sceptical, as I’m not really used to working on pattern based systems, but after few hours playing with the SPS-1 I found my attitude had changed. I also found that I could easily use the SPS-1 in my existing system and enjoyed the new ways it allowed me to create beats.. I know the SPS-1 may seem a little pricey but you have to remember that Elektron are a small company making innovative products and are committed to updating and improving the SPS-1 via software updates. They should be applauded for making an inspiring and engaging instrument. It’s a hands on machine much like it’s older analogue brethren yet provides a huge selection of sounds and facilities you’d expect from today’s technology. If you like to use your electronics to jam, or want some new and inspiring rhythm sounds or want to incorporate a different (and inspiring) way of working into your setup, then this could be what you need.

Machinedrum is available directly through
$1100 US
1350 euros

Price includes express shipping worldwide.

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