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In-depth Feature:  Edirol UR-80
Nick B writes: .

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One thing that really makes a MIDI controller work beautifully is the feedback it offers. Moving faders and LCDs are all well and good and really do make for a better working relationship with your controller. They also cost a lot of money (for now at least), the UR-80 doesn't have any of these, aside from a few LEDS, and as a result is able to offer a lot of control for the cash. However, the pots, weren't all that useful to me in Logic as they didn't emulate the V-pots terribly well, resulting in slow and unpredictable parameter changes.

But perhaps I ask too much, after all, I'm looking for the perfect mobile audio and MIDI solution. On the plus side - and it's quite a big plus, the unit fits in most backpacks and cabin luggage, making it quite the mobile solution, as I said before, another pair of outputs would really make it rock. The good news is that the outs it does have, sound pretty good - I was working on some other reviews of audio interfaces at the time and the UR-80 beat them easy for sound.

Also, on the whole, I found the UR-80 to be a good budget solution to the eternal MIDI control issue ? the transport control and jog wheel with integrated audio interface are almost worth it alone for getting around any sequencer package. Add to that the audio interface and you have a good package if control is something you readily require. Now, if they could make one with moving faders and four audio outputs....... The quest continues

Edirol UR-80 List price $545

System Requirements
  • OS: MacOS 9.0.4 or later. MacOS X 10.x. (Doesn't work on MacOS X Classic mode.)
  • Computer: Apple Macintosh series with on-board USB Test Studied on iMac, Power Mac G4, Power Mac G4 Cube, and iBook.
  • CPU/Clock: PowerPC G3 400 MHz or higher
  • Memory(RAM): 128 MB (256 MB or more for machines running MacOS X)
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free space
  • Software: OMS 2.3.3 or later. FreeMIDI 1.35 or later. (Mac OS9.x)


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
  • Computer: Windows compatible computer with a USB connector*
  • CPU/Clock: Intel Pentium(R), Celeron(TM) or Intel compatible Processor 600 MHz or higher
  • Memory(RAM): 128MB or more
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free space
  • Software: Music sequencing software that can host DXi or VST Instruments plug-in
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