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In-depth Feature:  Gforce Oddity
Bruno writes: .

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Nitty Gritty...

Another new feature is the ability to throw faders, grabbing a fader and literally throwing it in a particular direction causes it to travel to the end of it’s path at a speed determined by the strength of your mouse movements, this sends out midi controller data which can then be recorded by your sequencer. Unusual, but when throwing a number of faders in sequence it does cause some sounds you might not arrive at by simply programming.

In Use
A VST demo of the Oddity can be downloaded from
    you can also order the full version online, the RTAS and MAS versions are due for release soon along with an Audio Unit version for running on OSX.

    If you are new to Gmedia and Ohm force, check out their websites at and, the Ohm force plug-ins are among the most unusual I have seen, and offer support for VST, MAS and RTAS.

  • I have only used an Odyssey on a few occasions, but the character is reproduced in full, classic sound effects fall out of this synth with ease, and for anyone who has a love of 80’s Electro and early Hip Hop this is a definite must. The LFO can be set to groove very tightly against your sequencers tempo with no considerable latency, so truckin’ arpeggio basses are close at hand.

    As mentioned in the manual the Oddity is a wild beast, and an amount of time is needed to understand the way it works, but persevere and you won’t be disappointed, it makes perfect logical sense as an operating system, but is just unusual by today’s standards.

    Mighty morphing power…
    The presets included offer a vast array of sounds, many classics from the last 30 years are here. The load and save system is straightforward and an interesting Morph function allows you to change between patches at an adjustable rate. This is a feature of all Ohm Force products and can be used to create some great automated mayhem.

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