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In-depth Feature:  The Life of Brian AKA BT
Nick B writes: .

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Readers Questions
Trevor Heitlauf:
I attended University for Music Composition and Piano Performance, from what I've read you also were a pianist as well, just curious as to what your favorite pieces of classical literature are to perform?
 BT: My favorite things to play are the Chopin preludes for piano because they're so simple and harmonically beautiful. My favorite is the 21st prelude in d flat minor.

- I would really like to know more about Kyma your expertise and how it integrates into your music. Also, is it an essential tool for audio engineers?
 BT: Kyma is the most powerful sound design tool I've seen in my entire life. If you're happy with MIDI or Triton presets, it's unessential, but if you want to do real time spectral morphing or the phattest granular synthesis on virtually anything, then you can't live without it. The thing that I really enjoy using it for is sound design and treatments in post. That's where its true power shines. However, I can see its applications for avant-garde electronic or post-modern orchestral music in a live setting to be incredibly powerful because of its ability to do extreme and esoteric types of synthesis in real time.

How do you approach the creative process, what parts it do you find most challenging and rewarding?
 BT: I think most rewarding is the initial excitement of an idea and the idea in its finished form. What I think most people would consider the most challenging is the left brain oriented, tweaky stuff, like engineering and editing, and I thoroughly enjoy these too.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
 BT: Rescuing a 10-year-old Boston terrier and scoring movies I actually like.

Jason Stevens:
Have you ever composed (not recorded) any music for an orchestra that wasn't affiliated with a movie score?
 BT: No, but I'd love to, I'd absolutely love to. That's a dream of mine to write for unusual orchestral ensemble that's not affiliated with a score.

And do you see yourself doing a totally orchestral album or with pieces of an orchestra (like hybrid's wider angle) anytime (soon or not so soon)?
 BT: There are a lot of live strings on ESCM and there are a lot on the new album as well. There's an 80-piece string section on four tracks on the new album.

On that rather orchestral note, that about wraps it up. Many thanks to our question contributors and of course BT and Jason at Cornerstone Digital for making this happen. BTs new album “Emotional Technology” is out soon (as of 10th Jan 2003) on the on the Nettwerk America label.

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