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In-depth Feature:  Celemony Melodyne Studio 1.5
Fat Elvis writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Stability 90% Fast to process and didn’t crash.
Bang for the Buck 75% .
Ease of Use 80% .
Tweakability 85% .
Sixth Sense 95% Ability to get you out of deep doodoo.
Overall:   85%

Melodyne is an excellent program with a lot of potential for carrying out both audio remedial work and more creative tasks. It's a brilliant tool for editing vocals but is equally at home on other monophonic instruments and percussion. It is intuitive enough to be used straight out of the box but like any new software that is powerfully capable, it takes a bit of getting used to before optimum results are achieved. The effort, however, is well worth it and the tutorials in the manual relating to audio files on the Melodyne CD-ROM are a very useful guide to the process.

Melodyne is a stand alone application. It is available for Macintosh and the PC.

Mac requirements: PowerMac, Mac OS 9 or X and 128 MB free RAM (256 or more recommended).

PC requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP and requires a PII400 class processor and 128 MB of free RAM (1GHz and 256 MB recommended).

Melodyne supports DirectX, SoundManager, CoreAudio and ASIO2 for sound I/O and many audio formats (WAV, AIFF, SD2, SND, AU).


Studio Edition £679.99 / $995
cre8 £269.99 / $395

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