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In-depth Feature:  Universal Audio UAD-1
Rob G writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Quality/Stability 90% .
Bang for the Buck 90% .
Ease of Use 80% .
Tweakability 80% .
Sonic Sweetness 100% The product will sell itself on the quality of its vintage analogue simulations alone..
Overall:   88% Sonic State Editors Choice

The quality of the UAD-1's vintage analogue simulations is its real selling point. These put sought after studio and mastering tools within the reach of many more users and the card is to be commended for this alone. The cost in latency seems a small price to pay, given the improvement to tonal quality that may be achieved.

TC Powercore offers another respected DSP-based plug-in accelerator card. Their reverb is particularly highly rated. See our previous reveiw

Price: £599 UK / $999 US RRP (Seen as low as $599)
For Dealer listings:

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