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In-depth Feature:  Arturia 2600V
Bruno writes: .

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In Use
The ARP 2600 V utilizes the same TAE technology as the Arturia CS80 V and both of Arturias Moog emulations; this algorithm enables a more accurate simulation of an analog circuit, without the high frequency aliasing usually associated with digital sound creation. In practice what it means is a clearer, more realistic sound and a filter that responds very like the original.

Sonically the ARP 2600 V is very versatile, a skip through the presets shows the range of sounds available from classic 50's B-Movie effects to solid electro kicks, hats and basses. The addition of polyphony opens the doors further with some great pad sounds, which use the complex modulation possibilities to good effect. Add in the sequencer and you'll be in arpeggio heaven.

The reverb has a nice character to it, although not as cheap and spring like as that of the original 2600s, that said, the 2600 V is equally at home as an insert effect for those who want unique guitar and vocal sounds.

As with the Gforce Oddity, the layout takes a little getting used to if you are more familiar with Moog or Roland style interfaces, but the basic hardwiring is all well labelled so with a bit of practice you should be creating complex patches in a no time.

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    radar23    Said...

    I just read the original manual for the Arp 2600. Great intoduction to modular synthesis. Kind of wish they still made these bad boy synths. I'll have to do wiht my Prodyssey until I can save up for the real deal. Thanks sonicstate you excel once again!

    07-Aug-07 04:53 AM

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