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In-depth Feature:  Arturia Moog Model V
Bruno writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Ease of use 90% Straightforward, classic interface.
Stability 80% Very solid, and not too greedy either.
Sonic Sweetness 100% Classic, and then some.
Versatility 80% An all rounder.
Bang for the Buck 100% Originals are getting rarer by the day.
Overall:   90% Sonic State Editors Choice

The Minimoog will always be a sought after synth, Moog has now developed the Voyager, but there is something about the original which is very desirable. The Minimoog V allows us all to get one, it really is a true emulation, the original is reproduced very faithfully and then Arturia have added enough extra stuff to enable this synth to be as versatile in today?s world as the original was when it was introduced at the beginning of the 70?s.

I have to be the last reviewer on the planet to write about the Minimoog V, my reason for this is the lack of support for Protools under Mac OS9, I realise this is becoming less of an industry standard operating system, but if you release a product which claims to work on a particular platform then surely if it doesn?t you should at least release an update to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

This is my only complaint of an otherwise superb product, and a complaint I still have with regards to Arturias CS-80 V, another non-starter for Mac OS9 Protools users. We spoke to Arturia about this and they said " this is a bug that comes from Digidesign. We have had someone else complaining about the same issue and there is nothing we can do about it since Digidesign does not plan to correct it" - There you go.

My advice for anyone looking for an all round synth is buy this, you really can't go wrong!

Minimoog V $199

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