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In-depth Feature:  TC Electronic PowerCore: Filtroid & Voice Modeler
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Filtroid In Use
Start feeding some sounds through Filtroid and you'll soon come to the realization that this is one very versatile filterbank that provides the possibility of creating some quite extreme filter effects as well as all the bog standard stuff. With the available routing options and the amount of parameters for adjustment there is plenty here to keep you happily tweaking away and creating new sounds for days on end.

There is a nice full analog sound to the filters and Filtroid does a great job of tweaking any run of the mill sounds by degrees from emphasizing certain elements of the sound to transforming them into something else entirely without even thinking of getting any of the modulation functions working. The Drive control can play a large part in all of this by providing a nice edgy distortion that gets more raucous if you use the serial mode of feeding one filter into the next.

Filtroids modulation opens up the possibilities
Bring in the modulation options and you open a whole new dimension of possibilities including sounds that can pulse and flow entirely in time with your track when the sync option is engaged - a division time can be set for the number of cycles per bar. Any combination of each filter's four adjustable parameters, (resonance, cutoff, drive and damp) can be put under modulation control with the amount each one is modulated individually set.

More options become available with the envelope generator brought into the picture and the side chain function is an excellent addition allowing such things as using a drum track to modulate the filter so that it opens exactly on the beat. Overall the Filtroid possesses a huge potential for sound mangling.

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