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In-depth Feature:  Apple Garageband
Mike Beaudet writes: .

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Browsing and Editing
A lot has been made of the loops included with Garageband, but despite what you think of using pre-recorded loops the included Loop Browser is a very handy tool that I wish other loop-based arrangers would have thought to include. The Browser has two display options so you can easily toggle between button and column views. Button view allows you to find loops by clicking on one or more descriptive terms. Clicking on more than one button narrows the results set, so clicking on Drums, Electronic and Intense will pull up only loops that match this classification. Clicking on a selected term will remove that term from the filter set and increase the amount of choices.

Track Info: Virtual Instrument

Loop Browser

The column view displays the choices in a hierarchical manner, similar to navigating a file system. You can also choose to select items by selecting a scale from a drop down menu or enter a search term and have all loops matching that term appear.

When looking through the choices, an icon is displayed that identifies the type of loop. Apple included not only audio loops, which are inserted into Real Instrument tracks, but also Software Instrument loops that are a combination of a MIDI sequence and instrument preset. Next to the icon is the name of the loop, followed by the original tempo, key, and number of beats. At the end of each loop is a checkbox so that you can mark a loop as a Favorite. Clicking on any part of the loop description will start the loop in preview mode. If you like the loop you can simply drag it up to an existing track or to an empty space on the Timeline and a new track will be added automatically.

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