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In-depth Feature:  Vermona RetroVerb
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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Sonic State Rating:
Build Quality 100% .
Bang For The Buck 80% .
Ease Of Use 80% .
Versatility 80% .
Sonic Sweetness 90% Vintage spring sounds combined with filtering and EG create a well cool range of sounds not found in any other single processor.
Overall:   86% Sonic State Editors Choice

For a genuine spring reverb for use in studio situations, the Retroverb does a great job. For reverb with a different flavour and a bit of personality it makes a useful complement to the usual digital units. That's not the end of it though, while a pure spring reverb unit might have been a little dull and perhaps lacking wider appeal, Vermona, by combining spring reverb with the filtering etc have created something much more special that is a great sonic resource for anyone wishing to add something quite unique to their studio rack or live rig.

Price: € 399 $429 £299
Contact: Vermona

Danelectro Spring King $199 - Real spring reverb in stompbox form aimed at guitarists. Has a 'kick Pad' for crashes


    Demeter RV-1 $699 - Rackmount studio spring reverb with two mono channels that can be linked for stereo

    Accutronics reverb tanks as used in the Retroverb can be bought direct from the manufacturer.


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  • RetroVerb Manual PDF

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