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In-depth Feature:  Industry Interview -Roger Linn
Nick B writes: .

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Linn on Vinyl
SS: After your MPC days and before the new Adrenalinns, what were you working on?

RL: I took some time off, then there was quite a bit of planning for my current company and it's first product, the AdrenaLinn.

SS: Back in the 80's, technology was still hugely expensive with the modern sound unattainable by musicians without wads of cash, do you feel that your work has helped to bring it into a more affordable area - and do you think that has made the quality of music produced better or worse? RL: For the lower prices, I think we need to thank the high technology industry, not me. Lower music product prices are a direct result of technological advances and price reductions for the chips.

Regarding the quality of the music being created on these new tools, it's a mixed bag. New musicians need to have more of a technology orientation, which can sometimes compromise the artistry. But there are a lot of new musical ideas coming as a result of the new tools. Only time will tell how today's music is judged from a historical perspective, but I think we're living in an exciting time for new music.

SS: What was the last record you heard with any of your technology on it and what was it's role?

RL: The latest AudioSlave CD has AdrenaLinn on it.

Looking to the early days, I liked the old Prince recordings with the LM-1 Drum Computer throughout. I also liked Don Henley's "End Of The Innocence", which used the MPC60 to play not only most of the drums but also most of the keyboard parts. There are a lot of them-- it's hard to decide.

SS: Did you ever have any dealings with Paisley Park and the Purple One?

RL: I've never met Prince but certainly owe him a debt of gratitude for using my products so prominently. I did see a magazine article containing a little shrine he had made from an LM-1. That brought a smile to my face.

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