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In-depth Feature:  Propellerheads Reason 2.5
Bruno writes: .

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UN-16 Unison

Super widening thanks to UN-16
The third new effect is the UN-16 Unison, presented in half-rack style; this module is a recreation of the multi voice chorus effect found on many old synths. It works by detuning 4, 8 or 16 versions of the input signal and spreading these out in stereo. Controls offer number of voices, amount of detune and balance of dry/wet signal.

Although simple, this is a useful effect that thickens sounds and can help them to sit better in a mix. Most effective on synths and basses, it can be used on anything with some interesting results.

A CV input on the rear allows dynamic control of the detune amount for tempo synced or automated effects.

Spider CV and Spider Audio

Spider CV+ Audio splitters

The last two new modules although not sound generators or processors are a welcome addition to Reason and add some great possibilities.

The Spider Audio module allows either four signals to be merged into one, or one signal to be split into four, there are left and right sides, so you can do this in stereo.

The splitter is a great facility as you can send one signal directly to four different processes and then return them to a mixer for balancing.

The Spider CV works in the same way, four CV signals can be mixed together, there are level controls, and then sent to another module. The splitting facility has a added twist, the input CV is still split into four, but the fourth signal is inverted, this is a simple but very useful feature and is great for triggering envelopes and even the gate on the RV7000.

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