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In-depth Feature:  Emagic EVOC20
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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The Filter Bank

The third plug-in is not a vocoder at all but is a filterbank utilising the same bank of filters as the vocoders. The EVOC20 FB filterbank basically consists of two filter banks graphically arranged one above the other with the input signal running through them in parallel and the possibility of crossfading between the output signals of both banks. Each bank can be split into between 5 and 20 frequency bands each represented by a fader that can be simply grabbed and moved with the mouse, alternatively a curve can be drawn across them. Filter slopes of 6 or 12dB/Octave are selectable and each band has overall adjustable boost. In addition there are formant shift and resonance controls and distortion can be added to the output. Both the crossfading between filter banks and the formant shifting can be modulated. Each has its own controlling syncable LFO with a variety of waveforms.

In use, the FB is great for some subtle tonal tweaking of a sound - at its most basic you can use it just like a graphic equaliser. Take things a stage further with some formant shift, resonance and distortion thrown in and it is brilliant for radically altering sounds, and is particularly choice for tweaking drumloops. With a bit of modulation going on you can create neat phaser effects or put some real gradually shifting movement into the sound that can certainly liven up less than scintillating pads. A bunch of presets amply demonstrate the possibilities and give you a good starting point for creating new sounds.

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