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In-depth Feature:  Access Virus Indigo TDM
Bruno writes: .

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In Use
The thing that strikes you first about the Virus Indigo is the enormous range of sounds available, from models of classic electric pianos such as the Farfisa, Rhodes or Wurlitzer through Minimoog, MS20 and ARP emulations to very modern hard sounding synths the Indigo does them all, and then some. Classic Analog drum sounds from Roland’s TR series to unusual and sometimes unusable sound effects you might expect to hear from an EMS VCS3 or Doepfer Modular system. With careful programming the Indigo can be your musical oyster.

If you are the type of person who lives only on a diet of preset sounds, you will not be disappointed, the 1000 presets which come with the synth cover all areas and all tastes, I’m sure I have noticed the Cyberpop preset in the opening bars of the Holly Valance single Kiss Kiss!

Additionally Access have a great download area on their website at:
Here you can get all the original Virus sounds in new Indigo format, as well as hundreds of new sounds created by respected programmers.

For those planning to programme their own sounds, the layout of Indigo makes your job a breeze, some controls are even doubled up on different pages to allow quick access for often tweaked parameters. And for those not so Synth savvy, an excellent Guide to Programming Analogue Synths is available for download from Access website.
Written by Howard Scarr, whose sounds are included with all the Virus and Indigo range, this is a great tutorial, which, through the use of example patches, quickly teaches simple methods for realising the sound in your head.

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