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In-depth Feature:  Celemony Melodyne Studio 1.5
Fat Elvis writes: .

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Moving It Around
If you need to repair timing errors or, indeed, change the phrasing of a vocalist/instrumentalist, grabbing notes and moving them horizontally in time is just as easy as the pitch manipulation. If a note is located before a gap it moves as a whole, if it is directly followed by another note it will be shortened or lengthened according to the start of that note, the note directly prior to it will also change accordingly. Individual notes can be shortened or stretched for unfeasibly long sustain and the point at which the stretching starts can be adjusted for the optimum result. Whole melodies can be stretched or shortened to fit slower or faster tempos and during this process each note is stretched individually so the starts of the notes are kept accurate and a natural sound prevails. The same processing when applied to speech automatically separates the syllables. Amplitude of individual notes can also be altered, while specific notes can be muted altogether and the attacks can be modified to give a note a smoother or more percussive start.

Melodyne Info
Studio Edition
  • Tracks: virtually unlimited
  • Sample Rate & Resolution: up to 192 kHz, 24 bit & 32 bit
  • License: site license for 3 computers
  • Undo/Redo: multilevel (up to 500)
  • Stereo Files: playback & editing


  • Tracks: 8
  • Sample Rate & Resolution: up to 48 kHz, 16 bit
  • License: single
  • Undo/Redo: single
  • Stereo Files: playback

    Melodyne demos
  • All the changes made to any melody can be set in stone by saving the edited melody, or a stereo mix of melodies created with the Melodyne mixer, as a new audio file which, if it came from another audio program, can be exported back to it. In practice, there should be no worries about any adjusted melody not fitting with its original backing when re-exported, due to the fact that when importing the original file for editing you can also import the original backing into Melodyne and just leave it as an undetected file for reference purposes. Melodyne can also save your melody as a Midi file so you can assign it to a Midi instrument to play exactly in tune with the audio or just use it for notation purposes.

    So, did I get my revenge - what could Melodyne do for my voice? Well, yes, with little effort it was possible to put my vocals in tune and in time and minimise that wayward vibrato, so full marks to Melodyne for that, but unfortunately it's come way too late, and there's no way that a middle aged Elvis wannabe with the mother of all beer bellies will be the next teen idol. The world breathes a sigh of relief...

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