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In-depth Feature:  Roland SH-32
Ronald Pieket writes: .

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Drum sounds are samples. Drum sounds can be edited, but not all parameters apply (as you'd expect). Parameters available for editing are: pitch, pitch envelope, filter (although you can't select filter slope), filter envelope, amplifier envelope, level, effect send, and all velocity modulations.

The SH-32 has two effect processors, one named "insert" and one named "global". Both include reverb and delay. The "insert" effect has many more effect algorithms, including chorus, phaser, flanger, pitch shift, ring modulator, "lofi", "slicer", tremolo, wah, panorama, EQ, compressor, and filter.

Performance Mode
The SH-32 is 4-part multitimbral with a single rhythm part. All parts share the same insert and global effect settings. The only effect settings per part are effect on/off and global effect send level.

The SH-32 arpeggiator is not your usual straight up-and-down affair. Generally, an arpeggiator will repeat after playing all the notes in the held chord once. The length of the cycle is determined by the number of keys you press. Hold down three keys, and you have a three note cycle. But not the SH-32. Instead, the number of notes in the cycle is determined by the arpeggio pattern. The arpeggiator is programmable. It's basically a note grid, with up to 32 steps. Beat division options include triplets, and two different shuffle types. Steps can contain one or more notes, or a rest. Notes in the grid are stored with velocity information. Notes can be tied. Programming the arpeggiator is easy, and can be done with an external keyboard. There is a special arpeggiator mode, in which it controls the filter frequency, instead of playing notes. So the notes that you hear are exactly as you play them on the keyboard, not "arpeggiated", and the filter frequency is modulated by the steps in the arpeggiator. Very nice.

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