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In-depth Feature:  TC|Works Powercore 1.5
Rob G writes: .

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The Competition
As you can imagine, plug-in acceleration is quite a growth area – the difference in price of say a reasonably specified CPU/soundcard and dedicated DSP based systems such as ProTools leave quite a lot of room to manoeuvre. Creamware (Pulsar XTC) have been producing DSP packed cards for quite some time now, their Mac compatibility has been a little slow to develop.

Universal Audio could be seen as the closest challenger with their UAD1 card ($795). This uses different DSP chips to the Powercore and boasts considerably more power (according to them). Their focus is on the emulation of classic vintage rack gear with several new plug-ins under development. They too appear to have Emagic’s blessing though as far as I know Emagic have no plans to adopt UAD1 for their plug-ins. The UAD1 card is still PC only with the Mac drivers available later this year.

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