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In-depth Feature:  Emagic EVP88 Vintage Piano
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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Having an instrument like this installed in your computer has several advantages of convenience over a real physical EP. Electric pianos are substantial physical objects that take up lots of useful studio space, a CD-ROM and a tiny manual take up next to nothing, and then there's the maintenance aspect - a physical electric piano needs TLC to work at it's optimum potential and few of us relish the thought of such tasks as adding/subtracting solder to a Wurli's reeds to get it in tune. Whats more, recording and editing any playing is instant and easy as the instrument exists as an integral part of the sequencer.

The EVP 88 might not have all the character, life and nuances of the real thing but it does have a versatility, with all the editing and control options, that goes far beyond the original electric piano premise, stretching it into new territory. What you get is everyman's electric piano, an instrument with chameleon like qualities that, with a couple of knob tweaks, can be tailor-made to fit the track you are working on. The facility that the EVP88 provides is well worth the asking price, if you use electric piano sounds in your music and don't have access to the real thing, the EVP 88 has to be the way to go.

The EVP88 list price is 219euros (+/-$200)

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