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In-depth Feature:  Arturia 2600V
Bruno writes: .

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The Sequencer

2600V sequencer and keyboard

The Sequencer is an exact replica of the ARP 1601, one of the most widely used sequencers of the 70's and 80's. It outputs up to 16 steps of CV and Gate control signals, which can be applied to any modulation input on the Synth.

Although this module is capable of creating melodic sequences, it can be used in many ways for step-programmed modulation, with steps moving either in sync with a clock source, or with each new note played.

The dedicated LFO has controls for speed, delay and depth and outputs sine, square, triangle and saw-tooth waves simultaneously. There is an external modulation input and a switch for midi sync or free-run.

Lastly there are some global controls for overall tuning and voice mode, as with all their synth emulations Arturia have added 32 voice Polyphony. There is also a Unison mode with a corresponding detune control.

The final section is the keyboard, which can be used for note input and also has controls for pitch bend and portamento. There are control outputs here for velocity, pitch bend, after touch and mod wheel that can be connected to the synth to make a powerful performance tool.

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    radar23    Said...

    I just read the original manual for the Arp 2600. Great intoduction to modular synthesis. Kind of wish they still made these bad boy synths. I'll have to do wiht my Prodyssey until I can save up for the real deal. Thanks sonicstate you excel once again!

    07-Aug-07 04:53 AM

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