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In-depth Feature:  Arturia Moog Model V
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New Additions

Hidden delights (click to enlarge)

The major additions to the Minimoog V are hidden behind the top panel. These include a dedicated LFO which can be midi synced, a fully featured arpeggiator, similar to the one found on the CS-80 V, chorus and midi sync able delay effects.

There is also a modulation matrix. You can setup 6 different modulation sources and apply them at varying amounts to any of 33 different controls. This enables the Minimoog V to create anything from slowly evolving pads, to extremely complex arpeggios and makes it a fantastic performance tool for both live and studio work.

In Use
What is TAE?
The Minimoog V is the third in Arturias TAE or True Analog Emulation range. TAE is a technology dedicated to the digital reproduction of vintage analog circuits. Digital synthesizers produce aliasing in high frequencies and also when using PWM and FM. TAE enables aliasing free oscillators and filters without extra strain on your CPU.

I have used a Minimoog for a few years now, mostly for reinforcing bottom end and creating percussion sounds. It has to be noted its physically quite heavy, and carting it between studios is not always a good way to ensure its reliability. The possibility that a software emulation might replace this is an exciting prospect.

In the course of reviewing the Minimoog V, I was on a session where we had both a Minimoog and a Studio Electronics Midimini, one of the best Minimoog copies around. I also had some original Minimoog patch sheets. These were the only way of storing and sharing presets, and some were made available with classic sound setups written on them.

The Minimoog V came up trumps on all occasions, and given the wear and tear of the other two synths, probably sounded closest to what the original sound should have been. It was certainly close to the Minimoog in sound and although there will always be something indefinable in the quality of any analog gear compared to software, once the sound had been set in a mix, the Minimoog V was possibly clearer and more dynamic sounding, even if it lacked a small amount of harmonic depth.

The addition of polyphony means the Minimoog can be used for parts the original wouldn't get a chance at and it performed well in all areas. This is a very solid and rich sounding synth that should become a mainstay in everyone's plug-in list.

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