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In-depth Feature:  The Life of Brian AKA BT
Nick B writes: .

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Questions, Questions...
SS: You’re now in possession of a healthy list of feature film score credits – it sounds like you really enjoy this work; is it something that you’d like to focus more on in the long run, and what advice could you give to someone wanting to get into film scoring?
 BT: Yes, it is something that is really creatively rewarding, but it is very psychologically taxing. The film crowd feels comfortable conveying musical ideas in terms like "blue" or "fuzzy", so it can be difficult communicating with someone who doesn't have any musical background. The hours are insane, but at the end of it you get to sit down with your friends and watch the movie together and that's awesome. For advice, make super professional demo reels and resumes and get them to anyone who will listen.

SS: Which leads me to my next question –
do you find it possible to budget your time successfully when committing to a remix – or does it take as long as it takes?

 BT: No, I make a drop off date for each one of the songs, remixes and projects I'm involved in. I'd rather stay up all night finishing something than let it drag out two days longer than it should.

SS: Do you tend to work alone or with a specific engineer or the like – what do they bring to the project?
 BT: I always engineer and program my own tracks. I have two guys that work at my studio, Carlos Vasquez and Mike Dimattia, who help out with stuff like time correcting and organizing, audio editing, problem solving, etc.

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