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In-depth Feature:  Universal Audio UAD-1
Rob G writes: .

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More Plug-ins

Pultec EQP-1A – sweet.
The Pultec EQP-1A is another simulation of a legendary piece of studio equipment - this time a program equalizer. Separate controls are given over low and high frequencies, with simultaneous boost and attenuation available for each. Again, the unit is easy to use and adds it's own unique characteristics to the sound - notably with incredibly high boosts where the results are surprisingly musical.

A nice guitar processing rack – but why Nigel?
The Nigel plug-in offers a rich set of tools for guitar processing. The Preflex module is particularly good - allowing sophisticated modelling of amp/cab combinations Uniquely, it is possible to morph between amp types combining the characteristics of each.

Other Nigel components include a gate/compressor, a phaser, a mod filter capable of fixed-wah, auto-wah, envelope and sample/hold driven filter effects, a tremelo/fade unit for gain-based effects, a mod delay for chorus, flange and vibrato and an echo unit capable of longer delays. Each unit is well modelled, capable of delivering vintage guitar effect sounds.

A nice touch with the Nigel components is that the individual components are also available as separate plug-ins with lower DSP-load requirements. This can really help save DSP power increasing the amount of plug-ins that may be run simultaneously.

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